About the return and exchange rules of Foots Kicks

About the return and exchange rules of Foots Kicks

1. Not in stock

If our warehouse does not have these shoes, we need a few days (2-5 days) to retrieve the shoes from the factory. If you are unwilling to wait that long, we can refund the full amount to your account. Of course, if you are willing to change other shoes (at the same price), we are also very happy. If you need to replace your expensive shoes, you need to pay the price difference for our shoes. If you replace the low-priced shoes, we will refund the difference to your account or give you a coupon of the same value to you!

2. The QC chart (quality review chart) is not satisfied.

If you are not satisfied with the shoes after receiving the QC chart. We can replace you with a new pair of shoes, take a photo again and send QC to you, we will not ship until you are satisfied with the shoes.

3. The shoes are sent / you receive the shoes

After our shoes are handed over to the international carrier, we will not accept refunds and exchanges for any reason.

If after you received the shoes, you found that the shoes were seriously damaged during transportation. You need to take photos of damaged shoes in time, and contact our customer service staff via WhatsApp or Instagram. When we confirm that the shoes are damaged due to logistics, we will reissue a pair to you.

4. Tariff and customs seizure

If there is a tariff, it will be borne by the buyer! If the sports shoes are seized by the customs, we will contact our international carrier first, and when the situation is confirmed, we will reissue a new pair of shoes to you (only once)!

#If you have other questions about returns and exchanges, you can contact our customer service staff through WhatsApp or customer service Ins account, and she will answer for you!