The Transportation Process Of Foots Kicks

The Transportation Process Of Foots Kicks

Foots Kicks ships to almost all countries/regions in the world. We mainly use DHL for transportation. If it is a place that cannot be delivered by DHL or an area that requires high tariffs, we will use EMS or EUB or other international carriers instead. 

Successfully Ordered

When you fill in the order information, please note your ins account or FaceBook account in the order (to prevent us from being unable to contact you through WhatsApp). After contacting you, we will confirm your order information with you (including shoes Style, size and your delivery address, etc.). If we are unable to contact you within 10 days of your successful payment, we will refund the full amount to your payment account on the 11th day.

QC (Quality Inspection) Confirmation

After checking the style, size and delivery address of the shoes with you, we will send the order to our warehouse. If our warehouse has stock, we will send the QC of this pair of shoes to you within 2-3 days. We will hand over the shoes to the international carrier only after you confirm that there is no problem for the shipment.

Tracking Number

After we talk about the shoes to the international carrier, there will be 3-7 days from the secret channel to ship the package out of our country, during which time the package cannot be tracked. When the package arrives in a safe area, it will be directly transported to your receiving address. When the package arrives in a safe area, you can track the order!

When Can I Receive The Package After Delivery?

The duration depends on the mode of transportation and the destination country. Usually, the delivery time is around 6-18 days, depending on the transportation method used. If delivery cannot be made on time due to war, flood, typhoon, storm, earthquake, severe weather conditions or any other circumstances that cannot be foreseen or avoided, delivery will be delayed. If such a delay occurs, we will work to resolve the issue until a positive solution is found.

Transportation Costs

At present, the cost of shipping a pair of shoes to the United States using DHL is about $50, and Foots Kicks will share with the buyer. Buyers only need to bear the transportation cost of 20 dollars, and we will pay for the other parts. (The logistics costs of other countries or regions will be generated in the order.)